How effective might blogging be for growing my business?

One of my reasons for enrolling in the ADL310 course on social media was as preparation for launching my own successful small business. I wanted to discover some great tips on effective social media marketing, practice my new skills, learn how to build a website and blog using the WordPress platform, and gain some confidence before putting myself and my business “out there” on the internet.

I have trained in numerous areas of natural healing for both people and animals, including such modalities as Reiki, flower essences, herbs, aromatherapy, crystal healing, and healing touch. To some people these alternative methods of healing seem mysterious, and the idea of using them to help animals is even more unusual to others. Therefore, websites and blogs that inform and educate people about these options for improving their health and that of their pets are very important.

For my class homework I was asked to find 2 blogs in my work area that use social media effectively and evaluate them. My readers may be surprised to learn that I had no problem locating more than 15 Canadian websites for animal healers, but finding ones that use social media effectively was more difficult. Some of these sites did not have blogs, and unfortunately many of those that did were not making good use of social media to help grow their business, in my opinion. Some blogs were not being kept current, while others included customer testimonials but no informative/educational articles, or vice versa. One blog was just a whole bunch of photos of the business owner’s dog, which I suppose gives customers some insight into the business owner’s personal life, but no helpful information.

Twitter has helped me to quickly locate and read a lot of short articles for beginning bloggers using this platform to build a business, and it feels like I have learned a lot about blogging in a short time! I  see that to attract consumers and convert them into customers, I need to have a great selection of content on my website, including a blog that is updated on a regular basis. The posts should be a variety of content. In my case these posts could include things such as customer testimonials, answers to questions like “what is Reiki?” or “how can flower essences help my pet?”, discussion of trending topics related to animals, and relevant personal stories about myself and my life that let people get to know me. My blog should include pictures, videos, and links to all my other social media platforms.

It’s a bit daunting to think of all the time and effort it will take for me to build and maintain an effective presence on the web, but I feel that social media and blogging in particular has a huge potential to help me expand my customer base and grow my business. I am surprised to see that others in my field are not necessarily utilizing these tools as well as they could, but if their businesses are successful without social media marketing, then imagine how much more they could grow and develop if they began to use it more effectively.

I am excited by the possibilities and look forward to learning more as I continue with the ADL310 course!

Photo by Gatis Gribusts

Photo by Gatis Gribusts


One thought on “How effective might blogging be for growing my business?

  1. Excellent post! I really like how you mention that just because a business USES social media doesn’t mean they are using it effectively. I also like how you discuss the differences between personal social media use and business social media use: I’m sure that lady’s dog was cute, but that doesn’t tell me if she is good at her job.

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