My thoughts on the blogging experience

I love to research topics that interest me, I love writing, and I love teaching and providing helpful information to others–so blogging is something that should come easily to me, and for the most part it has. A few years ago I had a couple of blogs on Blogger and really enjoyed creating posts for them; however, I eventually decided to delete the blogs as I wasn’t writing very often anymore and I was also beginning a job search so I didn’t want potential employers reading them.

I was excited to create a new blog as one of my assignments for the ADL310 course. Since I intend to open a new business within the next 6 months, I felt it would be a great opportunity to build a website and blog for my business. This sounded like the best thing for me to do, but when I went to get started, the thought of creating a business blog instead of a personal blog was immediately intimidating.  Suddenly I felt concerned about how my blog should look, what I should write about, who would potentially be reading it.  So I chickened out! 😉

I decided to begin with this blog first (yep, the one you are reading) and just get comfortable with using WordPress and playing around with it. Instead of writing posts for my new business, I blog-wordle-11elected to write about what I am learning about social media marketing through my ADL310 course. I have spent several hours looking for websites and blogs related to my business interest, and then evaluating them. This has given me some insight and ideas about how I want my own site to look and what NOT to do.

I have discovered a lot of great articles through Twitter that have helped me to start learning techniques for blogging, and given me some useful tips. I am gaining a sense of how long my blog posts should be on a business website, how they should be formatted, the importance of using pictures, tags, keywords, and lists, etc. I have read some advice on how to create great content that is appropriate for my audience and will keep people interested.

Armed with this information, I’m beginning to feel ready to create my “real” blog and start to write things more directly related to my new business. I just discovered today that I can create a WordPress blog and set it to “private”, which means it doesn’t appear in search engines, and is not viewable by the public. At the same time, I can can invite specific people to read it and grant them access, so that way I can get feedback from people I know until I am ready to go public with the entire thing.  Now that I know this, I plan to start creating a blog for my business. Even if it takes some time to customize how I want it to look, I can at least get started on writing content and filing it away for future posts.

I am grateful to the ADL310 course for giving me the courage and motivation to start building my website and blog!


3 thoughts on “My thoughts on the blogging experience

  1. I think it is an excellent idea that you decided to use this as a “practice” blog before starting a proper blog for your business. I have decided to go the same route. I want to start a blog, but I want it to be entirely about things I want to write about (hence why I’m not going to use this one). I hope you learn lots of things so that starting your business blog isn’t as intimidating 🙂

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  2. A blogging experience can start publishing free ideas or thought before preparing a professional or business blog. I agree with you to apply and following the same path because we can take advantage of blogging learning process and getting important comments or feedback.


  3. We have some things in common! I also want to start a business, and I ended up using my current blog as kind of a business blog and kind of a personal blog. I may have to split it into two at some point, here. I think I like your strategy better!


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