Help, I’m being followed! Now what?

I logged on to my Twitter account today and was surprised to see that in a couple of short weeks I have gained 69 followers on Twitter (and none of them are members of my family!). I’m having some great conversations with people and discovering a lot of valuable information. So I started to wonder, now what? How do I keep the momentum going and build some quality relationships? Here are some of the helpful answers that I came across.

John Paul Aguiar has over 100,000 followers (a tad more than my 69), and he offers this great straightforward advice:siguenos-twitter

  • Follow the right people
  • Connect and engage
  • Share great stuff
  • Be available
  • Say thank you

Even if you share good quality information on Twitter regularly, if all you do is make posts you won’t receive a lot of comments or retweets. Making time to interact with your followers and build a sense of real community is vital.

In addition to knowing what to do, Jennifer Hanford shares some helpful insight into what not to do. Be sure that you don’t:

  • Overtly boast or show off about having “so many” followers.
  • Try too hard to engage
  • Stress out
  • Blast sales messages and/or spam your followers
  • Make your content all about you, all the time
  • Become complacent
  • Follow people back just because they followed you
  • Obsess over how many followers you have

Some valuable information also comes from Derek Halpern, who summarized the findings of a research study exploring what people like to read on Twitter. Some of key things that they don’t like are: octopus-final

  • Cryptic tweets
  • Repeating old news
  • Using too many # and @ signs
  • Just links without commentary
  • Boring tweets

Derek recommends that to hold your readers’ interest it is important to:

  • Be funny and witty
  • Create curiosity
  • Be interesting

Armed with these tips, I am am confident that I will continue to create a great network on social media and develop mutually beneficial relationships with my followers.


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