Finding my pod: exploring podcasts about animals

Pod of spinner dolphins

Pod of spinner dolphins

The social media marketing class I am currently taking encouraged me to take the plunge into something entirely new, the world of podcasts. I had heard the term before and had the notion that podcasts were something like a radio show that you could download and listen to on your MP3 player or computer. That was pretty much the extent of my knowledge. So when I began to explore this new (to me) aspect of social media I was amazed to discover the diversity of topics out there, from home brewing to knitting to encounters with angels.

As someone passionate about holistic healing for animals, I wondered what podcasts might be available on this subject. My search turned up three that I decided to delve into.

The podcast Animal Instinct with host, Celia Kutcher, really excited me.  Celia conducts weekly interviews with animal experts on a wide range of subjects ranging from natural remedies for pets, training, adoption, and animal communication to raising goats in your back yard and coping with pet loss & grief. The shows typically range between 30 and 45 minutes and aim to educate pet owners on how they can help their animals to live happier, healthier lives.42060

I listened to the episodes about Reiki, Bach flower remedies, and crystal healing, and found the experts interviewed to be knowledgeable and passionate about their work. I love the fact that this show is increasing awareness of these alternative healing modalities for pets that combine well with traditional allopathic medicine. The types of treatment have been very popular in the UK for decades, especially for horses, but are not as commonly known in Canada and the US. I hope that more podcasting shows such as Animal Instinct will emerge to educate and inform listeners, dispelling so of the mystery that surrounds holistic healing.

cover170x170Another podcast show that I checked out was Animal Talk: The Real Dr. Doolittle Show  with Val Heart, which also follows an interview style format. Val is an animal communicator who interviews animal experts and authors. Her show has a really fantastic range of topics. I was fascinated to listen to a talk about animal souls and reincarnation, and touched by another regarding animal abuse and ways that we can help shelter animals to heal and transition in to loving homes. Finally, I learned a lot of animal nutrition and healthy diets for companion animals in a show with Dr. Harvey Cohen. In fact, I had a hard time deciding which podcasts to check out first, and  would love to listen to all of the podcasts in the Animal Talk series. The only downside is that there haven’t been any new shows since April 2014 and it seems that it might have come to an end.

Finally, since these two podcasts were so similar in their format of interviewing experts, I decided kathleen pto listen to Animal Reiki Talk as well. Unlike the other two, this podcast show is not geared towards the public. Kathleen Prasad is a leader in the field of animal Reiki, and this show is a monthly forum for animal Reiki practitioners “to come together: connect and share stories, hear the wonderful animal Reiki work going on around the world, support each other, and ask questions. It is also a time for people interested in learning more about animal Reiki to join in and listen.” I only listened to a couple of episodes, but it seems that Kathleen usually begins the podcast by making some announcements and then the listeners are invited to ask questions and share stories about their experiences. Finally the podcast closes with an animal healing circle where Kathleen leads the listeners through a guided relaxation and everyone sends healing energy to animals in need.

In my opinion, these three podcasts are effective in educating and inspiring people, and getting the word out about the many natural and gentle ways that we can help animals to live healthier and happier lives. At the same time, it took some searching for me to track these shows down, so clearly there is a lot of room for others to add their voices and their ideas to the mix.


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