Exploring how podcasting could be used effectively in my work context

Now that I have begun to explore the world of podcasting, I can appreciate the effectiveness of this media as a business tool. While some people love to spend hours reading their favourite blogs online, others prefer to listen to a podcast when exercising, commuting to or from work, or simply unwinding at home. I think a successful website should accommodate both visual and audio learning styles and provide customers with various modes of information, including articles, podcasts, and videos.

In my own professional area, I have been studying and developing my skills in energy healing and modalities such as Reiki, flower essences, crystal healing, and aromatherapy. I am getting ready to launch a business providing holistic health services for pets (and people, but my focus is on animals). Although holistic and alternative healing is growing in popularity, many people are still unfamiliar with many of these methods of healing, so creating podcasts that introduce them and explain their benefits is one way that I can help educate people. Having a regular show that entertains and informs is one way to attract consumers and customers.

When I looked for podcast shows about energy healing for animals specifically, I found very little outstart-a-podcast-tbbo there. Two of the shows I came across took an interview-style approach, drawing on experts to talk about a wide range of topics related to animal health and wellness. I liked listening to these shows and certainly see the value of interviewing a guest about a subject that it not my personal are of expertise. At the same time, I can also see myself turning a list of FAQ about holistiic healing for animals into a series of short podcasts that briefly answer people’s most common questions about this topic.

Once I have established a solid customer base, I think it would also be great to record some customer testimonials in the form of audio files. I often see written testimonials on websites, and while these are valuable I believe a recorded testimonial might be even more effective because you can hear the person’s enthusiasm and sincerity conveyed in their voice.

I am sure that once I get going I will come up with many more ways that I can incorporate podcasting into my business and use it as an effective social media marketing tool.


3 thoughts on “Exploring how podcasting could be used effectively in my work context

  1. Looks like you may have found a great niche, here, Shayleah. Great ideas for going forward. I think you’ll find you have a very receptive audience.

    And I loved the picture you’ve used to illustrate your podcast – it really adds interest to the piece. While I’ve seen images of terrier-type dogs and an old-fashioned microphone, I’ve never seen one like this one.


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  2. Those are some great ideas! I agree that interviewing is a good way to use podcasting – A few podcast sites I found are interview-based on such a wide range of topics, and they’re all interesting. It would be good for networking too, contacting specialists for an interview on your podcast as a way to become more involved in your field. I love the picture, as an unrelated side note

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  3. Thanks for your comments, Bonita and Brittany. With regards to the picture, I did a quick search for images just by using the word “podcast” and that photo came up. I thought it was great as it had an animal in the picture, so I totally snagged it without viewing the page that it came from (just the image). Later I felt guilty and looked up the original post, which turns out to be another site on social media marketing and blogging specifically. There was no attribution note as to where the photo originally came from, so I have linked it back to the site where I found it. Perhaps it is a stock photo, but I thought it was really cool myself!


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