Evaluating videos on crystal healing for animals

For my video project this week, I decided I’d like to create an introductory video to the topic of crystal healing for animals. In order to research what other videos are already available on the subject, I visited YouTube and searched for “crystal healing for animals.”

I was really excited by the first video that I found, called “How Can Crystals Work for Pets – Basics of Crystal Healing for Animals and Pets“. Perfect title, I thought, that’s exactly what I had in mind. When I saw that the video was 11:03 minutes long, I hesitated. I decided to give it a try, thinking it might be an excerpt from a workshop with lots of great information.

If I had to sum this video up in one word, it would be “horrible!” I know how harsh that sounds, but let me explain. First of all, there was only one picture used, and although it was a cute one the video quickly got boring. Also, the voice did not sound human; it sounded like a robot with a British accent! If you think I’m exaggerating, please follow the link and listen yourself. It sounds as if someone wrote up an article, entered the text into a program, and the computer converted the text into a synthesized voice. For real. The inflection is sometimes totally wrong and the words echo. I also disliked the music and found it distracting.

crystal cat 1As someone with a keen interest in the topic, I was bored by 1.5 minutes and painfully continued until about 5 minutes when even I gave up because my mind kept wandering. It’s a shame because if I went back and forced myself to listen while pausing it to take notes, there is actually a lot of information packed in there. Too much information! I realized about 4 minutes in that the video had subheadings like “crystals for depressed animals”. These portions could all have been broken out into smaller 2 minute videos and it would have been better–at least I might have made it through the entire video.

The first video led me to a second one simply titled “Crystals for Pets“. This was a live video with two women who are crystal healers having a conversation. It soon became clear to me that it was pretty much unscripted. They had a few crystal specimens on the table in front of them, so obviously they intended to discuss these stones; however in the 4:39 minute video I felt that they didn’t really share a lot of useful information. They were both very expressive, gesturing lots, bobbing their heads, exclaiming loudly, and sometimes speaking over one another. I found this very distracting, and at the end of the video I couldn’t really remember much about the crystals they discussed. When I watched it again I noticed that they listed specific crystals as being “good for pets” but didn’t always explain what the properties of the stone were or exactly why it was beneficial. For example, they said rose quartz is about love and you should use it “because if you’ve got a pet, you love your pet”. In my opinion, it would be better to discuss how rose quartz could help a rescue animal feel loved and secure while bonding to a new family and adjusting to their new home.

The third video I watched was called “Crystal Healing for Cats – Ralphie’s Session for Courage“. This was a demonstration video where the healer was gently stroking a cat using a couple of different stones. What I liked was that you could clearly see the calming effect on the cat and how much he was enjoying it. His story was briefly shared, along with a explanation of what crystals were being used and why, as well as how they had helped him. It was 3:20 minutes long, short and to the point. It provided a specific example rather than acting as a general introduction to the topic of crystal healing for animals, but it interested me and made me want to learn more. This lady has several other videos on her channel about crystals and animals, and I am definitely interested in watching the others. It was a little quirky and cute how she spoke in a soothing voice to help calm the cat, but sort of had this “baby voice” throughout the video. It made it very real and I felt a connection to both her and the cat. Of the videos I watched, this was by far the most effective.

There are several other videos on this subject that appeared in the sidebar and I will be sure to check out some more of these soon. I noticed that they all seem to be “live action” videos, so maybe it would be a fresh angle for me to make a PowerPoint video presentation instead using photos and text with voice over, just to offer something different than the rest. I look forward to coming up with my own version of a video on the topic of crystal healing for animals.


3 thoughts on “Evaluating videos on crystal healing for animals

  1. Wow! I am really glad you were able to not only find videos directly related to your work field, but also created a video discussing one of the things your business does! I think videos in particular are a good medium for you because it lets you walk potential customers through some of the services you offer 🙂

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  2. Wow I can’t believe you were able to find somany videos on this subject, thats great! I created my video in powerpoint and found it quite easy to do, I am glad I used a program I knew. Good luck!


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