My Thoughts on Creating a Video

After watching and evaluating several videos on my chosen topic, I felt armed and ready to proceed. However, I soon realized I didn’t have some of the items I would like to include in the video. Instead I switched to another subject that didn’t require much in the way of props and I felt would be easier to do at this time.

I wrote a script and recorded it with Audacity. After editing it I ended up with an audio file just over 5 minutes. I did some searching on Flickr and had trouble finding appropriate photos with an attribution license, so I used some of my own and asked friends for photos as well, since stock images were out of my budget. I also asked my husband to photograph me demonstrating some techniques. Next I created a series of slides in PowerPoint. Finally I just had to pull the PowerPoint and audio together.

movie reelUnfortunately my 7-year-old laptop with Windows Vista did not work with Camtasia. I investigated Jing and ScreenR, which both looked good but had a limit of 5 minutes for screen captures. Since my audio was slightly over 5 minutes, I knew this wouldn’t work. In the end I used a free online program to covert each slide to a JPEG and then imported them to Windows Movie Maker. I added the audio, and got the pictures timed to sync with it, and YAY, I finally had a video!

I was disappointed at what happened, though, to the quality of the pictures in the slides with the conversion, and the special effects I had created in PowerPoint didn’t transfer over properly to the JPEG files. So in future, I hope to have access to a more up to date operating system that will give me additional options for improving the quality.

Overall, I found there were several time consuming steps in creating a video (at least with the methods that I used)! Nevertheless, I was glad to stumble my way through the process. I think there is a lot of room available in my niche market for quality educational videos, and now that I have learned some of the necessary skills, I look forward to updating my technology so that I can help to fill this gap.


2 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Creating a Video

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your horrible experience. If you ever have to make a video again and are using slide, you can do the recording in powerpoint and save it as an mp4 file. I know you propably don’t want to hear that after everything you went through!


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