The usefulness of video for social media in my work context

The concept of alternative medicine for pets is becoming more mainstream.  The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association currently lists over 800 clinics and individuals in the USA and Canada that provide a wide range of services for animals including chiropractic care, massage, Bach flower remedies, herbal medicine, acupuncture, crystal healing, colour therapy, and Reiki to name just a few.

Although awareness of these treatment modalities for both people and pets is growing all the time, I still found only a handful of videos specifically pertaining to animals.  While some of the ones I watched were much more informative and helpful than others, these still amounted to a very small number. There is definitely a large need for quality videos on the topic of holistic healing for animals.

I believe that posting short videos on my website would be a great way to introduce my services, famous-dog-names-cute-movie-doganswer frequently asked questions, provide customer testimonials, and educate the public in general about holistic health care options for animals.  While some people enjoy reading blogs or short articles, others would be more likely to watch a brief video that both informs and entertains. I feel that putting my information out there in numerous formats, from blog posts to podcasts to videos, allows people to access information via their preferred medium and will therefore reach a broader audience.

I also feel that, depending on the topic, videos can be more helpful that written articles because you can actually demonstrate a technique versus describing it in an article or podcast. It gives people the opportunity to see something for themselves in a tangible way.

Overall it is my opinion that videos have the potential to be very useful to me in promoting the work that I do.


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